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Kenneth Trainer

About Bluevale Community Club

We are a community organisation based around Dennistoun and Haghill delivering boxing classes for age 5 and up, fitness classes and various other activities for our community.

Our ethos is to provide a club ran by the community for the community. We look to improve social cohesion, community based recovery, mental and physical health as well as break down territorial, race and religious barriers within the surrounding areas.

Bluevale Community Club started off as a boxing club ran out of the Bluevale Neighbourhood Centre in Haghill, which is where the Bluevale name originates from. It was started by two local residents who grew up in the Haghill area, who quickly realised the need for what they were doing within the local community.

With a new facility we realised that we had became more than a boxing club and the facility could provide so much more than just boxing. It was decided that we would rebrand to Bluevale Community Club.

Our committee and board were all born in the local area and have the area in their heart. Our club looks to promote and improve the mental and physical health of all attending. Our aim is to promote services and food programmes for those of our community who may be struggling financially where they otherwise would not be able to attend. Through our sports clubs and community clubs, we look to improve social cohesion, break down religious race and territorial barriers within the community.

The club currently has a boxing club ran from age 5 to adult, a 2008 football club, an over 35's football team, a weekly drama class, line dancing and membership base fitness class for adults to grow our community.

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