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Badminton is a fast paced racket sport that involves hitting a shuttlecock over a net on indoor courts. Points are scored when the opponent is unable to return the shuttlecock before it hits the floor, the shuttle hits the net or the shuttle lands outside of the court markings.

An Overview of Badminton

Badminton is an exciting sport to play and is easily accessible within Glasgow. Participants can choose to play singles or doubles matches on an indoor court and enjoy the world's fastest racket sport. The scoring system in Badminton is now the first to 21 wins a game and the match winner is the best of 3 games.

In Glasgow, anyone can hire a badminton course within our Glasgow club venues that contain a games hall. To find your nearest venue, click here and contact them for further information on availability and cost. Most venues also can provide rackets and shuttles however it is recommended that you bring your own or check in advance.

We are also fortunate to have a host of fantastic Badminton clubs in the city which offer organised opportunities for people to play the sport. If you are interested in joining a club then please find them here


  • Badminton is great fun! Whether competing or playing with friends it is fast paced and addictive!
  • It's can be a great aerobic exercise but the intensity is up to you, it can be energetic or a light workout.
  • Find a tough opponent for a full-body workout that tests your agility and stamina.
  • The tactics make it a good all round work out for your brain as well
  • Your flexibility, balance and reaction speed is enhanced by all the twisting, turning, jumping and stretching
  • Hand to eye co-ordination is tested, as are your reflexes


Badminton Hall hire within Glasgow club venues vary for adults, children and concessions. Contact your local Glasgow Club and they will confirm the cost of a court in Glasgow. Although we would recommend you call in advance there can be often be space for walk ins to play.

Badminton clubs cost vary and will generally be a specified amount per session. Contact the club you would like to attend and they will let you know the membership structure.


You can choose to join a club and play in a more formal setting however it's also as easy as finding someone to play, booking a court and enjoying the sport!


For a beginner, badminton is a relatively low cost sport to start playing. If you want to buy your own equipment then you need to consider the racket and shuttles.

Racket: These are made of various lightweight materials. They come in many different makes and prices but If you are just starting the game you do not need to buy the most expensive racket. Buy a racket that suits you.

Shuttle: These are plastic or feathered. If you are just starting, plastic shuttles are ideal and cheaper. They come in three speeds - fast, medium and slow. Buy medium speed to start with until you know more about the game.


  • Simon Archer and Jo Goode won Britain's first Olympic medal in Sydney 2000 - a bronze in the mixed doubles.
  • Kirsty Gilmour is the current Scottish champion in the female singles competition.

Find Badminton Activities Near You

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Community Sport Hubs

Community Sport Hubs bring together sport clubs and key local partners who want to develop and grow the sporting offering in the community.

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National Governing Bodies

Badminton Scotland

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0141 445 1218
Glasgow Disability Badminton Club

Glasgow Disability Badminton Club

We are a badminton club for people with disabilities

City of Glasgow Badminton Club

City of Glasgow Badminton Club

City of Glasgow Badminton Club is a development club for junior players from young beginners through to experienced tournament players.

Hutchesons at Pollok Park

Hutchesons at Pollok Park

Set on the outskirts of the scenic Pollok Park, Hutchesons at Pollok Park is a purpose built, modern facility which is used by Hutchesons Grammar School and local groups all year round for a wide range of physical activities and events.

Easterhouse Phoenix Badminton

Easterhouse Phoenix Badminton

Easterhouse Phoenix Badminton Club is open to males and females from P5 through to S4 (7/8 - 16 years old). The sessions take place at Lochend School on Monday evenings at £2 per session 18.00 - 20.00. Contact the club for further information.

Easterhouse Community Sport Hub

Easterhouse Community Sport Hub

Easterhouse Community Sport Hub is an area based hub, with facilities and activities taking place in Easterhouse Sport Centre and Easterhouse Phoenix Community Centre. There is a wide range of activity on offer.

SAPC Community Sports Hub

SAPC Community Sports Hub

St. Angela’s Participation Centre (SAPC) is helping to embrace diversity and improve the lives of young people and their families in and around Greater Pollok