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33 Scotland St
Glasgow Glasgow City
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About Bonnie Boots

Founded by Boots & Beards to allow women from diverse backgrounds explore opportunities into nature.

Our activities are organised by women for women
We provide a safe space where women can workout freely and participate fully with confidence.
We tackle and address barriers which sometimes hold women back from attending mainstream gyms, fitness classes and hillwalks. For example, we try our best to provide fitness classes in line with Islamic principles of modesty/hijab. We take into consideration prayer times when planning our activities and try our best to provide a space to observe this religious requirement.

Empowerment through friendship
We encourage friendships by bringing women together from diverse backgrounds in a light-hearted social space.
We aim to empower women by offering them training and volunteering opportunities that will strengthen their work experience and skill set.

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Women from ethnic backgrounds are much less likely than men to participate in hillwalking or sports and may be missing out on an important source of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing as a result. Whilst we do not have in-house trained experts, our co-ordinators are equipped to recognise the signs of depression or mental health issues. On many occasions we have facilitated women to get the help they need from the professionals in the field.

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