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Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world with the NBA the most significant league in the sport. Basketball is a fast paced game which involves two teams of five players on a rectangular court scoring into a raised basket at either end.

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An Overview of Basketball

Basketball is an end to end game which involves moving the ball to and shooting into the opposition's basket. The ball can be passed or dribbled by bouncing the ball. Teams can score 2 points or 3 points depending on where on the court they shoot into the basket.

Basketball is popular in Glasgow and the city is host to it's own professional team, the Glasgow Rocks based at the Emirates Arena. There are also lots of opportunities to play basketball at club or recreational level across Glasgow. To check out Glasgow Sport's Basketball sessions please click here and for a list of Basketball clubs in Glasgow


  • Basketball is a fun sport that can be challenging, a good workout and enjoyable for all abilities.
  • The mixture of running, jumping, pivoting and twisting helps improve balance and build endurance.
  • Excellent way to boost coordination and balance through dribbling, passing and shooting the basketball
  • Team game nature means it is an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people.


Basketball is an inexpensive sport to start playing with no need for equipment when attending a session or club. Balls will be provided and you only need to come dressed suitably for indoor activity. Sessional costs will vary from provider to provider and it is best to contact them directly to discuss.


In Glasgow we basketball sessions for young people and drop in basketball for adults. There are also various clubs across the city and they can be found here


  • Only a hoop and basketball required for a match
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing


  • Men's basketball was introduced to the Olympics in 1936, with women given their own competition in 1976.

Find Basketball Activities Near You

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National Governing Bodies

Basketball Scotland

Contact Telephone
44(0)131 317 7260

Eastbank Community Sport Hub

Eastbank Community Hub is a collection of sports clubs brought together in the Eastbank Community.

Glasgow Rens Basketball Club

A basketball club for young girls and boys. We offer
the opportunity to train on a weekly session basis and compete in both local and national competitions

Somali Association in Glasgow

We provide sports and activities targeted for the Somali community and is open for the whole community to get involved.


Glasgow Fever Basketball Club

Glasgow Fever is an inclusive basketball club, our club ethos is to promote positivity and respect for player, coaches, volunteers and officials at all levels and we believe success is not just about what happens on court. Fever caters for girls and boys

Victoria Park Pavilion

Offering free tennis, bowling, putting and basketball between March - September.

SAPC Community Sports Hub

St. Angela’s Participation Centre (SAPC) is helping to embrace diversity and improve the lives of young people and their families in and around Greater Pollok

Glasgow Devils Basketball Club

Our mission is to create more opportunities for young people and adults to play basketball by engaging with local communities.

Scottish Sports Futures

“Use the power of sport to inspire young people to make positive lifestyle choices”

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) deliver “Sport for Change” programmes to over 12,000 young people each year.